Adobe Tech Comm Monthly Newsletter - Christmas 2015 News
Hello everyone,
Hope you had a wonderful November, December and here is hoping that you all enjoy Christmas time.
2015 was an exciting year for us.
And we look forward to an even more exciting 2016.
Let’s review what happened this year, especially in the last weeks and share some hot news with you.
Launch of our fresh TechComm Central Blog

We have just launched the redesign of our completely revamped blog "TechComm Central", home of the bustling Adobe Technical Communication team:

The new blog comes in a clean and fresh design. It is Responsive HTML5 enabled Retina Display compatible, discussion and share friendly, fast, and loaded with tons of TechComm content going back until 2007. Find news and insights about our webinars, tutorials, support topics, XML, XSLT, XPATH, Mobile Publishing, technical documentation, release notes, product launch news, best practices, interviews, guest posts from thought leaders from around the world, and much, much more! It is getting fresher by the day: You have all good reasons to look forward with curiosity to an exciting year 2016.

Stop by, say "Hello!", and let us know what you think.
Welcome Stefan Gentz as the Worldwide TechComm Evangelist

Stefan Gentz has just joined our Adobe Technical Communication team as our Worldwide TechComm Evangelist. Stefan has worked for about 18 years as a consultant and trainer in the technical documentation and translation industry running his own company tracom. He has worked with a broad range of industry clients, service providers and freelancers from both TechComm and Translation spheres. Stefan is an experienced and sought-after keynote speaker, presenter, panelist and moderator on conferences around the world. As our worldwide evangelist, he will represent Adobe at TechComm conferences around the world, host webinars, curate our blog, interact with our user community and listen to their ideas and needs,

Please read his post and welcome him with us on our blog:

You can also connect with Stefan Gentz on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.
Latest Case studies

We have a couple of exciting case studies published this month.

Yamaha – The Sound of Music

Yamaha, one of the worlds leading music instrument manufacturers has decided to go for Adobe FrameMaker to create and publish their multilingual manuals into 20 languages. We provide this case study for download here.

IAR Systems streamlines technical publishing

Global provider of embedded-systems software revamps content management repository using Adobe FrameMaker to gain efficiences, produce more content faster, and add value to product line. We provide this case study for download here.

Tekom / tcworld 2015 in Stuttgart, Germany 

We have been present on a quite a few events recently. The biggest one was probably the tekom / tcworld 2015 conference in Stuttgart. With more than 4,200 attendees it's the biggest TechComm event in the world. The Adobe booth was overcrowded most of the time and on our "Show Stage" we had a comprehensive program of 10 to 15 minute quick demos of our products and solutions. Especially FrameMaker as the leading XML Editor for Technical Documentation with its comprehensive DITA support, the possibility to create and publish XML content to Responsive HTML5 and embed 3D Graphics right out of the box into PDF was very interesting for the German industry clients.

DITA Europe 

Just the week after tekom we attended the DITA Europe 2015 conference in Munich, Germany. The conference is focused on, well, DITA, of course. FrameMaker 2015 ships with support for DITA 1.3 since the launch in early June 2015, when the standard was not even officially approved (the OASIS committee approved DITA only a few days ago on December 17!). Following we had a lot of interesting conversations about FrameMaker as an XML Editor, it’s leading role in Structured Authoring of technical documentations for decades, the broadest range of supported Content Management Systems and the impressive multi-channel publishing to PDF, Responsive HTML5, WebHelp, ePUB, Kindle and Microsoft Help.

STC India 2015 

Another important conference was the STC India 2015 in Pune in December 2015. Adobe supports STC India for a long time and we were Diamond Sponsor this year again.
Abhishek Jain, Product Manager for RoboHelp, was delivering the presentation "Reclaim your Glory" emphasizing three key levers of Technical Communication: Lean content creation, closing the feedback loop and engaging the end users.
Praveen Burri, Product Manager for FrameMaker, was talking about the "Changing role of Content Professionals". He showed what is possible with FrameMaker on several fronts such as mobile publishing, seamless collaboration (including leveraging cloud technologies), and providing content to a global audience in this integrated global economy.
New Calendar and Recorded Webinar Site

In late July 2015, we updated our old webinar platform to a new, modern system. The new platform allows us to manage our webinars much more easy. As part of this change, we also moved all of our previously recorded webinar assets to a new location.

To keep it short – here you go with the two important links to bookmark:
Upcoming webinars:
On-demand seminars:

We have also compiled a list of all “previously recorded webinars”. We call them “On-demand Webinars”. Missed a webinar because of this urgent deadline? Missed a webinar because it was hosted in a time-zone that was just not compatible with your family schedule? No problem. Just watch it a few days later. Or a month later. Or … You get the idea.

Lost with the on-demand website? We know. And heard you. And we’re working on it. For the meantime, we have compiled this list for you. It lists all on-demand webinars. You can search for the title and the featured expert name:
New List of Recorded Adobe TechComm Webinars
Have you seen our 2015 Release websites?

For the 2015 Release we have completely revamped our old product websites. We think they look awesome and provide a lot of information. During early June, we released the Technical Communication Suite (2015 Release). And it comes with an incredible amount of new features in all Suite components. FrameMaker now officially supports Right-To-Left (aka “RTL”) languages (Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew) and Thai. And comes with superior support for them. Highlight: The “Magic Flip”. And of course we have already implemented DITA 1.3, Retina Compatible Responsive HTML5 WebHelps and a new, clean, de-cluttered interface for RoboHelp with a modern ribbon concept.

Want to know more? Check out our product website for the 2015 Release.

Technical Communication Suite (2015 Release)
FrameMaker (2015 Release)
FrameMaker XML Author (2015 Release)
FrameMaker Publishing Server (2015 Release)
RoboHelp (2015 Release)
Adobe Tech Comm Survey 2015


The ability to import Microsoft Word files to Adobe FrameMaker is a real game changer for us. Importing legacy content to utilize the many benefits is now as simple as mapping styles. Used as part of the Adobe Technical Communication Suite, for the first time we now have full round tripping between Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe RoboHelp, and Microsoft Word.

-Colum McAndrew, RoboColum(n) Consulting

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And with the the wonderful sound of music we wish you a very happy Christmas
and look forward to an exciting year 2016 with you.

Team Tech Comm @ Adobe
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